How much weight can the Talon drop system carry?

The maximum weight that the Talon drop system can carry on either the Matrice 210 or the Matrice 300 is limited only by the aircrafts maximum take-off weight. Please refer to your drone’s documentation to learn more about weight limitations.

What is the weight of the DroMight™ Talon?

The Talon drop system for the Matrice 210 weighs .73 lbs (331 grams). The Talon drop system for the Matrice 300 weighs .763 lbs (346 grams)

Can I use my camera and the Talon drop system at the same time?

Yes. You can install a camera on the Drone’s gimbal while the Talon drop system is installed. The Talon will not interfere with the pitch and rotation of your camera.

What drones are compatible with the DroMight™ Talon Drop System?

Currently, the DroMight™ Talon drop system is compatible with the DJI Matrice 210 and the DJI Matrice 300.

I own a Talon drop system for my DJI Matrice 210 and will be purchasing a Matrice 300. Can I use my existing Talon drop system that I purchased for my Matrice 210 on my new Matrice 300.

No. You must purchase a new Talon drop system for your Marice 300 as the Matrice 300 uses a different mounting system and a different power adapter.

How is the Talon secured to the Matrice?

The DroMight™ Talon hard point is installed between the aircraft legs and the aircraft body using a set of 3mm stainless steel screws. This hard point can be left on the drone at all times and will not impact flight. When you would like to use the The DroMight™ Talon, you can easily attatch it to the hard point with the thumbscrews or regular screws depending on your model. Removing the drop system is just as easy; simply unscrew the thumbscrews or regular screws depending on your model. Once removed you can leave the hard point on the drone for future uses.

Can I easily remove the Talon from the aircraft when I am not using it?

Yes. After installing the mounting tabs to your aircraft, you can install and unstill the Talon drop systems in under a minute.

Can I use the Talon Drop System and have my other payloads on the drone at the same time?

Yes. You can install the Talon Drop System and still use your payload(s) as normal. Depending on your mounting system, your Matrice may have one or more payloads. You will still be able to use your Talon Drop system with your payload(s) at the same time. When using your payload(s) at the same time as the Talon, your payload(s) will function as normal, however if your paylod(s) is/are facing in the direction of the Talon, the Talon may obstruct the view.

If I install the DroMight™ Talon on my DJI drone will it void the warranty?

No. The installation and use of the DroMight™ Talon does not require you to modify the drone in any way. Power is obtained from the drones external ports and the installation of the mounting hardware does not require the drone to be disassembled or modified in any way

How do I trigger the drop?

The DroMight™ Talon for the Matrice 210 V1/V2 can be assigned to a button on your remote controller to initiate the drop. Once in flight you can use your assigned button on the controller to trigger the drop sequence. The DroMight™ Talon for the Matrice 300 RTK requires the pilot to turn on and off the aircraft strobe light in a specific sequence in order to trigger the payload drop.

Can the Talon accidentally drop my payload?

The DroMight™ Talon requires 3 conseutive clicks in order to drop your payload. This means if you accidentally hit the drop button, your payload will not release. Furthermore, the locking mechanism is held in place and will not move unless triggered by the drop sequence.

Where can I purchase the Talon drop system?

To purchase the Talon Drop System, or any other DroMight™ products, please reach out to one of our dealers

How long can I use the Football remote viewing station on a full charge?

The DroMight™ Football can last for over 10 hours on a full battery charge.

Can the Football remote viewing station work with a transmitter?

The DroMight™ Football can work with all HDMI out devices, so if your transmitter receiver is plugged into the HDMI port on the Football, you will see what the transmitter is transmitting.