Meets FAA Requirements For Night Flights

Visible up to 3 statute miles, the DroMight™ Strobe Lights meet the FAAs requirements for night flights.

Triggered by Your DJI Controller

Drop your payload easily through the DJI Smart controller or Cendence controller without the need for a separate device. Never worry about being out of range.

One Button Loading

Attach your payload using the built-in button on the DroMight™ Talon.

Secured to a Hardpoint

The Talon is the safest drop system because it is secured to a hardpoint on the aircraft.

No Accidental Drops

The payload triggering sequence is simple while also preventing any accidental payload drops.



Check out our YouTube videos for demos and how to set up the Dromight™ Talon Drop System. Also check out the Dromight™ Talon Drop System in action, used to film a commercial

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