UAS Strobe Lights

FAA Compliant sUAS Strobe Lights

The FAA Part 107 Regulations state that small unmanned aircraft pilots must have appropriate anti-collision lighting if they are flying during the period defined as 30 minutes after official sunset and 30 minutes before official sunrise. Anti-collision lights are not just for night flights as there are many benefits to using the same anti-collision lights during daylight hours. Anti-collision lighting increases safety by giving the pilot and others better visibility in following your aircraft during line-of-site operations. Trust DroMight™ brand strobe lights for your aircraft and be seen up to 3 miles away.

The DroMight™ Smart Mounting Solution

DroMight™ strobe lights are designed to solve a common problem in the industry. DroMight™ engineers observed drone pilots attaching strobe lights to their drones using cable ties, Velcro and Gaff tape. Coming from the aviation industry, we saw this as a safety hazard and decided to address the problem head-on. The end result is a smart 3D printed mounting solution with positive locking features that house a strobe light circuit board and battery. The DroMight™ smart mounts are made of durable, light-weight plastics, and are custom designed for use on the most commonly flown drones. Our three piece design ensures that your anti-collision lights are locked in place on your aircraft, and will not detach in flight. DroMight™ strobe light mounts are easily installed without tools, and incorporate a single colored button that is used to both identify the strobe light's color, and activate the light.




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